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Brand : BP

Origin : Japan

This product functions as a kitchen clip and a tube squeezer, made by an aluminum pipe and elastic codes.

Able to pinch powerfully by pulling elastic code inserted in an aluminum pipe.

This product can be used for closing kitchen bags or as a squeezer for tube-formed articles.

Other than that, it can be a key-chain that close a candy bag, or utilize as a money clip.

This product has a potential to utilize in various scenes and can be hanged in a mass.

Using a shock code (elastic cord) for industrial business that enables powerful nipping.

You may need to strain but please enjoy the unique touch that you want to close many times.




  • Product -φ27 x 270mm (Pipe : 135mm)

Material: Aluminum-pipe / Washer(Stainless-steel) / Key-ring(Stainless-steel) / Shock-cord (Solcor) / Roll-pin

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”Mass products tell us how the handmade is beautiful. Art and tools make your life better.”

By Tokyo based design studio, phyle Co., Ltd., undertake retail store design/residential interior design/construction management throughout, who commissioned to design for various businesses such as restaurants/hair salons/retail stores. BP , BLUE PRINT as their original brand to create beautiful handmade items for a better life.

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Dimensions 2.7 × 27 cm





φ27mm x 270mm (Pipe : 135mm)