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Brand : Sogu

Origin : Japan

Magnet hook with clean landscape arranged

We sliced off unnecessary constituents of a hook.

Magnet hook that looks just like bent a line. A straight line as if you drawed straight with a pen. You can put small items at the top of the bent fold.

Because the magnet part comes below the hook part , its presence can be further suppressed while it is wearing small objects.

it uses a powerful neodymium magnet, possible to hang about 200 g.




  • Product – W6mm x H65 mm x D3mm
  • Package – W102mm x H62mm x D20mm

Material: Steel, neodymium magnet

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“We perceive the elements that make up products and recreate them with new perspectives”

The core target of SOGU is designers. As a designers they understand designers’ needs, and they have many ideas that they want to realize. Sogu started the brands to develop items that designers would want to use.

SOGU is a Japanese verb that means “ to slice off”. This does not mean that they are creating simple forms by slicing off unnecessary parts. It describes the way in which ask ourselves “What is the essence of this object?” in formulating an idea. “Going back to the essence and thereby creating a new interpretation” is what makes SOGU work possible.


  • Do not use or store in places where children can reach.
  • Do not use in places subject to shock or vibration.
  • Do not use in high temperature areas, moist or moist.
  • Do not apply anything that exceeds the load capacity of the display, or it may fall and cause damage.
  • The metal on the back side may damage the installation surface.
  • Do not tilt it. There is a danger that what you put down may slide down.
  • Keep away from magnetic products, magnetic cards, precision instruments, watches, etc.

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W6mm H65 mm D3mm


W102mm H62mm D20mm (for 2 hooks included)


Steel, neodymium magnet

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