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Brand : Sogu

Origin : Japan

A floating design umbrella stand , Simple & Light

A hanging bar you can use at the corners of the room.

Just by using L-shape eyebolt, you can attach this to the internal corner.
The cord is made of silicon rubber.
The tension of the cord works as the gripping force against the walls.
You can use this as an umbrella holder , towel hanger , and so on.




  • Product – W420mm H280mm  D8 mm
  • Package – W150mm×H400mm×D15mm

Material: Stainless steel, silicone rubber

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“We perceive the elements that make up products and recreate them with new perspectives”

The core target of SOGU is designers. As a designers they understand designers’ needs, and they have many ideas that they want to realize. Sogu started the brands to develop items that designers would want to use.

SOGU is a Japanese verb that means “ to slice off”. This does not mean that they are creating simple forms by slicing off unnecessary parts. It describes the way in which ask ourselves “What is the essence of this object?” in formulating an idea. “Going back to the essence and thereby creating a new interpretation” is what makes SOGU work possible.

How to use the CORNER BAR


  • Please be aware that as the load is biased to one side, it will come off the wall.
  • Please do not hang anything that may fall and cause damage.
  • Pulling the cord strongly may damage it.
  • Attach the included L-shaped bracket to the corner of the corner with sufficient strength.
  • Traces may be left on the wall, depending on the wall material.

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W420mm x H280mm x D8mm


W150mm × H400mm × D15mm


Stainless steel, silicone rubber